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the gift of music

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Hello folks, how are you? it is a good and very shanty time here in Tel Aviv, Many quiet holidays, and it's a great time to create new music and to perform live. I've been working on my live street performance for some time now, and I finally feel that I can give the gift of music with ease. I just go outside, pick a cool place and start playing and singing my songs. the experience of performing on the street is beautiful and intense, most people don't feel this excitement on a daily basis like we musicians do when we perform and create. it took a long while of healing and rest for me to be excited about performing live music again. so I went out to bask with my 15-watt aroma amp, my sigma travel guitar, and a Shure mic, and a stand. I plan to perform at different locations around the city and country once a week.

I have the best time as a bass guitar player, it's a dream job, we are like the truck drivers of music, we navigate this big ship with our lows. Plus I can drink beer and focus on the music at my spot on stage, doing my job with ease.

Yes, I have been expected to give a show, and sometimes I feel as if I can't fill other people's expectations about me, so finally, I decided to give myself the approval that I'm ok and my musical work is wonderful, it is what it is. I do not dance. many people agree and my bass playing fits them. bass is important. I know it for sure, I'm a bass guitar and double bass player, and I try to stay low and groovy, clearly heard by bass lovers. I send those bass notes like magic rays in space, I see them expand and react with the environment. If music is magic, and I'm certain it is, so bass is the love spell. bass makes you fall in love with the music, you can feel it in your body.

nowadays I'm fully invested in creating a show in Hoodna bar in "Florentin" quarter in Tel Aviv, this fall show ill be performing my original composition alongside with my dear friends and singer-songwriters Tomer Ha'benadam and Tsofit Dori. we will play their original music and it is an honor for me, they are great artists. So Come see us play at Hoodna bar Florentin on at 29/10/22 21:00 O'clock.

These days are sunny and are flying by, there are becoming shorter every day, fall will come into winter and I just have so many nice memories from this summer, although I felt completely useless it was a great pleasure to work slowly and have a lot of shanty time.

people always ask me why am doing it. music gives me a lot of meaning in this life, it is healing for me, and lastly, I realized that music can be my gift for this existence, I do not have to receive, I have something that I can share and give, my music is to you and for you. it is my gift, live or online, on bass or guitar, lyrics or no lyrics, I give it to you, for your listening and your experience.

The embroidered smith apple on my eco-friendly organic cotton fair trade t-shirt

so this is the gift of music and I'm not the only one making music, many generous amazing musicians are gifting their music, it doesn't mean we work for free, we have something precious to gift humanity and nature, we create connections and cultures, we color situations and express your deepest emotions.

An Acoustic show with Tomer Ha'Benadam At Caffe Ya'ara in Haifa, Israel

last week, I had a sweet gig playing my songs and playing bass with tomer on a headphone party at "420 shop tlv" with the headliner the great rapper Rasta Hai from Bnei Brak, Israel. it was so sweet, wish I had a photo of it, meanwhile, I got you the recording of an acoustic gig in Haifa. please let me know in the comments your suggestions for the next performances, gigs, and concerts.

p.s How is this dal e photo as a cover art?

cover art made with Dall-e 2

Thank you for reading and listening, you are amazing and we'll be in touch next week :)

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