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Message is positive today

Hi friends, how are things? I'm glad that spring has arrived, with the warmth, the blossoms, the interesting sky, and the atmosphere of freedom blowing in the air. As per the best tradition, on 21.3.23, the first day of spring, Igor's new song, "Hameser Hiyuvi" - The Positive Message was released. Produced by Itay Keren, The song is the first from the project "Songs for Myself" in which there are 5 original tracks, the album will be released in the summer of 2023.

"hameser Hiyuvi" Song cover. Photography and design by Tlashworck Senvetu

The song "hameser Hiyuvi" composed and written by your faithful friend "Igor" or Yigal Markus, deals with the desire to move forward, to change, not to hold on and not to drag out time, to simply go on the road and enjoy the trip, dedicate yourself to the adventure of life and to create art non-stop. This song is a kind of prayer, and it was written from a place that wants to be positive, to accept every change and pain with love, understanding that this is the way to grow and evolve.

The melody is a combination of rap, spoken word, and folk. You can hear the notes in every word and syllable, the LYRICS go faST AS rap, AND the delivery is spoken. All this sits on an amazing groove that we created with iTAY on the Juno keyboard, the Moog, on synths, and ON A drum machine, I added bass and Gili added a funky guitar.

In one of our sessions, we composed a sequel to the song, a kind of chapter two, called "Why does it happen?" which you'll hear on the album, THAT ReleaseS on the first day of summer. You can ALSO hear it at my upcoming concert at 2sick in Haifa on May 1, 2023.

Working with iTAY during the last year on the album was AMAZING. I'VE LEARNED SO MUCH AND HAD A GREAT TIME as always. We recorded 5 authentic, personal, simple, and exciting songs, With sensitivity and determination. iTAY gave me space to express my TRUE voice, produced with great musical talent, helped me find new qualities in myself, and took the musical aesthetics in the songs to a higher level. for which I thank him very much.




I will still dance in the club

Without fear I will stand on the stages

I will write the songs without trembling

I will send the messages without chasing

Because this is who I am and that's the best

All this time I learned to love

Through myself the environment and life

Recognizes the suffering of all beings

I will still arrange life without pain

I will live without working without starving

I change every day and stay close

I will still enjoy the view without thinking

I'll be freed from the passions from all the logs

I will grow again, I will be watered in the rain Knowledge

I would be more than happy. I meditate every morning

I loved every day of my life, even in winter

The message is positive today yes, yes, yes

The message is positive today

let go shine and breathe

I am whole and feel good about myself

I listen and wait patiently

Not in a hurry to breathe the air

Live life, make art

Releasing from the past

liberating from the future

liberates from property

Releases from the weed

liberates from status

liberates from music

Releases infatuation

liberates from desire

I live in love

concentrates on the present

It improves my future and that's what I do

Breathing and forgiving myself is okay

Peaceful and relaxing to clear the mind

Here and now sink and shine

The message is positive today

Yes Yes Yes

The message is positive today

let go shine and breathe

Why is this happening to us?

Why is this happening to us?


Lyrics and music: Igor (Yigal Marcus)

Musical production, keyboards, voices, the music: Itay Keren

Sound production, mix, guitar, vocals: Gilad Meir

Mastering: Natalie Bibby, Metropolis Studio, London.

Photography and cover design: tlAsHWORCK sEnveto

Lyrics clip: Yigal Marcus

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