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Music Production

Lets make music together, I would love to listen to your original Lyrics, melodies, Beats and songs. I offer A service of musical production bottom to top, from sketch to spotify. In this production procces of a single, EP or an album production we'll go through a journey of art, specific and tailor made just for you. WE can Work in Person in Tel Aviv, Online and Hybrid.

South Tel Aviv Music Producer And Beat Maker Igor groovy

The music Process

Our music journey will include:

Song session: we will listen to your song, lyrics, tune or story, figure its story, musical style, Key, Tempo, We'll devide it to parts and reconnect it to a musical masterpiece.

Beat Production: we'll sort it out as a song, Recorf a guide and layout the tracks, instruments, samples, beat and live instruments.

Production, Reduction: we'll tighten up the recorded tracks, shape up the song to its parts, make it clean and nice and interesting and groovy.

Vocal production: we'll record your Fine and sweet vocal tracks on the layered up, shaped up, beat.  

Mix & Master: Mixing and mastering is the process of making your final product. after mixing and mastering will be sounding fire and ready to be released.

RElease: I'll guide you and walk through the music release process if needed, including making art, releasing to streaming platforms, sharing on social media and traditional media.

Live performance: We will produce an amazing live show so that you can tour with your music, make gigs and get your music heard around the country and the globe.

Listen to some stuff

my studio2022
With tomer abenadam @gagarin. photo by Tlashworck Senvetu
DudiVeOri דודי ואורי playing a live gig

Ok friends, so Please contact me here to schedule a chat and to get to know each other, i would love here your music and to help as much as i can.
I feel really blessed to share my knowledge and talent, It's not mine, I'm Just passing this good thing forward.

can't wait to jamm with ya!


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