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Igor - Live Music concert at Beit Hayotzer, September 7, 2023

I'm very excited about the performance at Beit Heutzer, I haven't done a show like this for years, and maybe actually never. This is a complete and amazing option, to coordinate rehearsals with all Bands and friends, to sharpen the beats, to write things.

The support of all the participants is really amazing and makes my heart feel good. I follow the path of creation and it doesn't always feel like I know from where and where I am headed, I know that my soul asks for it, to be part of this whirlwind of movement and roaring entropy.

I just hope for everything to work and want you to come to the celebratory music storm that will be held at "Beit Hayotser" and that everyone who needs to know about this event will know, so share 😘🤗💓

Seeing such a collection of talent, people, creation, is something worth writing in the diary and even purchasing tickets in advance.

Good day ❤️

Igor at Beit Hayotser, September 7, 2023

About the show

Igor at "beit Hayotser" - a musical show full of guests with whom I created music during the last year, we will play original music written by me and by the guest artists at the concert. We will play beautiful, moving and exciting south Tel Aviv music influenced by folk, soul, hip hop, reggae, jazz, spoken word. I will play bass and sing original songs, from the album "Shirim Le'Atsmi" which was released in June.

With me on stage, drummer artist Elad Mozes, the pianist and Artist Tsofit Dori, the pianist, producer Iאשט Keren - E tight , who will also play original compositions. Guests at the concert will be: Tomer HaBenadam, Mandefro Aitegev, Jenny Pakman, Tlashwork Senvetu, Sebastian XL and Aviner Malach.

Artists participating in the show

Elad Mozes - drummer, percussionist, artist and creator. We worked together a lot this year on the projects of Mandefro, Tomer HaBenadam and Sebastian XL.

Tsofit Dori - pianist, writer and composer, screenwriter, stage artist, recently released her debut album Alla Prima Calligraphy, with whom we worked on two shows in the last year, "Tsofit Dori Duo" - an original instrumental jazz performance, and "Igor" - an original music duo.

Itay Keren E tight - the producer, pianist and creator who produced the album "Songs for Myself", he has original music and he will also play it.

Tomer Habenadam - reggae artist, stage person and creator. The reggae album "Benadam" that he wrote and composed, will be released this year and you will be the first to taste it.

Mandefro Aitegev - singer, spoken word artist and creator, a true poet who spreads the gospel all over the country, this year will release his first single.

Jenny Pakman - guitarist, singer, creator and producer, active in "Ness", "Hakol Biglal Jenny" and in her solo career. We will be playing together for the first time and I am excited about it.

Tlasworck Senvetu - singer, poet, and creator, will play us her original songs released over the last year, in special acoustic versions, Tlashworck and I are partners in life.

Sebastian XL - the most real rapper Around, a poet, released the masterpiece album "Hizaharu bi'Vnei Ani'im", we will play live versions of his songs.

Aviner Malach - a soul hip-hop artist and producer, will play guitar with Sebastian and play his original song.


Igor - Yigal Marcus, 34 years old from Ha'Tikva, Tel Aviv. Lives with Tlashworck and Lola. Bass player, singer, songwriter, composer, and music producer, mostly from home. In passing year, I created the show "Igor" - a duo with tsofit Dori, in which we play songs from my albums of all time, and I created the album "Shirim Le'atsmi" produced by Itay Keren.

I play bass and produce a number of intriguing musical projects "Pil Basira" with Alon Marcus, Tomer HaBenadam, tlashworck, Avera and more. Hope you'll hear them soon.

In addition, I teach music for all ages, and play bass with several artists.

Every Tuesday at eight I broadcast a live music show on social media.

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