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Igor Groovy Live @ Levontin 7

Hello my dear friends, I had so much fun performing last Sunday, 22.5.22 in Tel Aviv at the Levontin 7 Club. great Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who intended to come and sent their love from afar, to everyone who took part in this evening, it was an exciting, varied and groovy music celebration.

I spent the weekend before the show with great excitement, without much movement and with a lot of dreams and expectations that luckily came true. the evening went perfectly well, which reminds me that sometimes it's worth putting the mind on Mute and the music on full Volume.

It was a Sunday evening and the street was quite calm, but in the club there was a secret and mysterious jazz cellar atmosphere, neither I nor anyone knew what the evening would sound or look like. the crowd was made up of brave, talented and beautiful people. I love you guys, thank you for giving me the chance to shake your world for a little while.

Thanks to Levontin 7 for hosting and my beloved musician friends, who shared their special talent on stage and made this evening a real show. The sound and atmosphere in Levontin are excellent. the place is equipped and operated to a high standard and has a great vibe. it was a pleasure to perform there. if you are looking for a place to perform in tel aviv, contact them.

In the show I combined on stage everything I know in music so far.

It all happened live on stage in a groovy mashup of rock, hip hop, folk, jazz and dub with my wonderful friends Ohad, Uri, Tlashworck and Tomer.

Let me tell you a little bit about them.

Ohad Katz

he is a creative singer, guitarist, poet, composer and producer. we have been playing in various projects for the past ten years and he is my mentor and an inspiration in the world of independent music, creation and music production. he is also the godfather of "The Beat Generation". he suggested the name for the album that was based on the book "The daharma bums" by Jack Croak which he bought for my birthday . The music that takes place when we meet brings up the excitement and the road dust of dozens of folk performances around the country, perfumed with poetry evenings and starry nights around a bonfire.

Ohad played his original song "I'm Waiting", a festival anthem full of love, patience, beautiful harmony and a breathtaking guitar solo, and Igor's song "Come with me" from the album "Adam La Adam" in a special version.

We played these songs in an electric trio of guitar, bass and drums. Ohad also joined in to play "Piano" and "The emotion comes and goes" by Tomer habenadam.

Ori Tam

Ori Tam is an amazing drummer. Seeing ori on stage is a serious show, he's the sweet giant.

know him since the age of 14, from the time we played together in Avraham Felder's Big Band in Jaffa.

he is a jazz drummer with rock volume and a funk groove and an a unique sound. when he plays it seems like the drum kit is a par of him , like a Transformer.

we played in the bands "Igor" and "haostri", recorded drums for three songs of "Elephant in a Boat" and in various projects. he is a rare drummer mainly due to his musical thinking, the sound mark of his drums and an amused attitude towards every challenge. If there's anyone more chill on stage than me, it's him. ori accompanied me in the songs:" I'm waiting "," piano " and " emotion comes and goes " (tomer habenadans' song).

Thank you very much Ori, great honor to play with you.

Tlashworck Senvetu

singer, writer, painter and photographer. she brings a mystical sound to the stage. her art is beautiful

with her gentle voice, she improvises melodies on naturally pentatonic scales and conveys a message of peace, hope and love to the world.

she sang with me the "piano", "soften your face" produced by itay keren, and her original song "How beautiful is the moon" that came out recently and is available for listening in all streaming platforms.

Tlashworck is my partner, we live and grow together and raise our do, Lola. may we'll

continue to love and grow together, amen.

"How beautiful is the moon?" Live at the show :)

Tomer habenadam

Tomer is an original creative singer, writing lyrics and melodies in the Israeli reggae style, who talks about our society in the Babylon jungle, love, faith and art. Tomer uses his great natural composing talent and his jazzy sense of improvisation and carries his message with pride, to make our world a little happier, more open and optimistic. Tomer's music is an Israeli reggae that weaves hip hop and jazz. We have been working together for several months and have produced the debut ep of Tomer that will be released this year.

Tomer sang three songs from his new EP that will be released: "Black Rose", "Air" and "The emotion comes and goes".

"Emotion comes and goes" Tomer habenadam Live

And together with all the friends we created an unforgettable evening, thank you very much, being on a respectable stage is a wonderful feeling, I wish we would meet many more at cultural and music events, thank you again the brave people who came to listen and participate on Sunday night in the middle of work week and traveled and bothered Open.

"Doing it At Levontin"

ונתראה בהופעה הבאה 💕

In the photo: the entrance to the Levontin 7 club a few days before the show.

The Official Bootleg:

If you have questions about upcoming performances or your heart desires to cooperate with me and invite us to play with you, I invite you to contact me

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