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About the album Badigial

Hey guys, how are you doing? Here in Tel Aviv quarantine is starting to vanish and the streets are coming back to life. we have a gig this saturday in Zichron Ya'akov. I'm super exited and promise to share videos and photos with you soon. In other news, Beat boutique, my beat store for rappers and singers, is live and running. Check it out. This post is about my latest album "Badigital". This self produced album is about living in the digital era, it tells the story of my life in this Covid-19 strange times, it describes the procces i go through as a person on my journey to social, financial and mental liberty. Musical influence for this album varies between Burna boy beats and lyrics (in hebrew) to Antonio Carlos Jobim, including hip hip, funk and jazz. This album has a "soundcloudy" vibe, it's lightning fast and communicates with global music community. Although most lyrics are in hebrew language, you can listen and get the vibe without getting any word i say. Album art was made by an Indonesian fivver artist. Vocals on this record were produced like a lead instrument, with accurate melody, lyrics super tight rhythmically. I played most instruments on this record: vocals, guitar, bass, (finger) drums, keys and samples. I had the great pleasure collaborating with Alon Marcus and Rona Mayer on guitar, Tsofit Dori on piano samples, Yehudit Asras and Tlashworck Senvetu on vocals. This talented anazing people added real human value to this project, and i thank you for that. Songwriting and composition on this album is fast and and melodic, lyrics are mostly about being great and breaking the glass ceiling, getting free, being real and independent, being brave and believing in yourself. Lyrics were writen out of my stream of consciousness, truely revieling my feelings and thoughts with no censorship nor shame. After album "Captain Igor (2020)" which was mostly recorded in a studio (Ben Ve'Amir, Jaffa) acoustically (double bass, ukulele, guitar), I felt the need to get my groove back on. Pandemic times got me working less, having a lot of time and not much money, i decided to invest this album's budget buying new equipement (Presonus Atom drum pads, AKG condender mic and impulse 61keys costing about 700$ total which is an equivalent to the cost of ~15 hours in the studio. DAW is the new guitar for singer songwriters such as myself, i use this tool to produce, compose and even perform my music. It's very versitile and efficient and lets me do music magic i wouldn't even imagine making on acoustic instruments. 2020 was my year of beats, i made my first 50+ beats, chill hop, fusion, afro beats, trap and more styles, i love it. Throughout this year i gor the hang of making beats, around november i had 5-6 hot beats, and i wanted them for myself. I started seating and writing lyrics to have tight melodies on this beats. Every track was recorded, arranged and writen in front of the mic and computer screen. It was a industrial like procces, printing songs right from my soul into the computer, not thinking too much and letting the message flow right in the music and feel. I found my voice as a singer songwriter and music explorer on beats. This electronically produced songs work on acoustic music as well, BTW. Badigital was mixed on headphones, using studio one 4.6, mastered with LANDR (amazing mastering AI) and QA tested on my car speakers. You can actually hear the sound of my home, my dog barking, my neighbors talking, my girlfriend calling me and more... I love the sound of home. Each track was took about 12 hours to write, compose, arrange, record, produce and mix, some tracks took even longer (track 10, for instance "i'm a freak i'm groovy, took about 20 hours and even more, it was fun playing around, track 2, road trip was written recorded and mixed in one night - 6 hours). This album is the celebration of freedom for me, the final realization, if i want a new album, i can create it, whenever, wherever i want to. This is powerfull stuff guys, you you like it, just do it, don't wait and don't try to be perfect. This project was a big step forward for me personally and professionally, this was the birth of a new producer, i want to thank myself for believing in myself and giving myself a chance to do something new, adventurous and special.

I would love to answer your questions about Badigital, write a comment below. Thank you for reading, listening and supporting me morraly.

Make good music, believe in yourself,



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