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You grow like a tree

You grow like a tree, you bear fruit after many years, in the first years, the fruits are small, not yet sweet, and not yet reaching their full potential. You learn something in the process and spread your roots deep into the soil, and your radius increases and your radius below the surface increases even more. You are a tree, you grow, you live, you have all the seasons, the hot summer, who has the strength to move and do something, the comforting autumn, here you are gathering strength to go on this journey of winter again, which always in memory is so fantastic, gray Green, Fresh And magical and in reality, there is also the serious coldness and it's hard to get up, there are storms and floods and sometimes it's not so pleasant to be out there either. Winter is the time when there is cold and freshness and abundance and coolness, and there are also hours of struggle and trembling and longing for a horn or something to warm. This is when everything grows inside and stores energy food, and heals existence. Then spring comes and a beautiful day dawns and your flowers bloom and you know that by summer there will be fruit, this year there will be fruit too. You don't know if it will be sweet or a little immature or small or big. There will be fruit because this is the tree and it is part of its very existence. Not all trees have fruit, some trees have beautiful leaves or stunning pinecones or needles or sweet resin, every tree is different. Just because you're a tree doesn't mean you'll necessarily have fruit. And the tree is there anyway, even if not for the benefit of others. The tree is a tree and the tree exists. You gave sweet fruit, you made a coup now can you rest on the bouquets of autumn's dry leaves? No dear, life goes on. You are a tree and there is no such thing as time and nothing ever stops, everything is a continuous process, a long chemical reaction and the entropy increases my dear. There is no such thing as time and you grow like a tree, maybe you will have a top and you can see far away and that is the tree you are.

post Scriptum

My dear friends and girlfriends, I am so excited about the upcoming performance that will take place at Hoodna Bar in Tel Aviv, at 13 Abarbanel St. in the Florentine neighborhood, on October 29, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. with my wonderful guests: Tomer Habenadam, Tsofit Dori and Alon Marcus - Pil Basira. The talented artist Elad Mozes will accompany Tomer and me on the congas and percussion, the performance is a hat show, admission is free, pay as you can, and come early to grab a seat and drink a beer.

More details:

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song for goodbye:

It Was fun, bye :)

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