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My Indie groovy Music Journey

Hello, this is Igor. I am a Tel Aviv, Israel musician who creates groovy indie beats and acoustic instruments that are sure to move you. I create inspired by my everyday life, put my thoughts into words, and compose them to the music. I believe in the power of music to touch people's hearts and evoke deep emotions. To connect with feelings, stories, pain, and joy, and to be more understood. Everything we say is deep and interesting poetry in my eyes, you can also be moved by a good melody for a grocery list or a paragraph we scribbled in a diary at a coincidental moment.

I enjoy creating music and sharing my creation, excited by the possibility that it will reach your ears and make you connect with me and feel like me.

me& ukulele @ Ben Shemen Forest, cyclamen around us, photo by: Tlashworck senvetu

Every Tuesday at 20:00 Tel Aviv time, I go on a live broadcast where I play music and create with my listeners, who respond, ask, and request live songs, and especially support, listen, and cheer. During the broadcast, I record an original song, melody or beat, play special versions of my songs, host artist friends and connect with listeners from around the world. My music is characterized by the use of instruments such as double bass, ukulele, bass guitar, guitars, percussion, vocals, and words from my human experience, combined with electronic music, beats, loops, samples, synthesizers, and effects. The mixtape is available on YouTube and Facebook and is also streamed on Twitch, allowing listeners to enjoy my music wherever they are.

In December 2022, I released the mixtape "Shlishi Be Shmone 2", a collection of 12 tracks that I recorded during the live shows. The songs that stand out in my eyes on the album are: "I don't know where it came from", "Like a cat between the sheets", "Play me the ukulele", I wrote, composed and produced all three of them live. What is your favorite song on the album?

Shlishi Be Shmone 2 cover art, Photo By Tlashworck and Senvetu

These days I am also collaborating with my friends, the pianist Tsofit Dori and the drummer Elad Mozes, to bring a live trio show to the audience this spring.

This Thursday I will perform with Scout Dori in a jazz duo show at Café Zebra in Haifa on February 16, at 21:00 with original compositions written by Scout and some of my own. This will be an experience not to be missed.

On February 10, a new jam called "Igor - Ani Zaz" was released, available on all major and minor streaming platforms.

Later this year there is a big project coming up - the release of my studio album towards the summer of 2023. The album was produced by Itay Keren, mixed by Gilad (Gili) Meir, and mastered by Natalie Bibi at Metropolis Studios in London, this album is going to be a positive and uplifting musical journey, I wrote it to better my mood, to encourage myself and spread a positive message to the world. The first single comes out in spring.

Therefore, if you are looking for music that will lift your spirits, inspire your soul and make you groove, look no further. Join me through the world of groovy indie music.

In addition to my musical pursuits, I am also committed to making a positive impact on the world. My clothing designs, available on demand, are made from eco-friendly materials and reflect my passion for sustainability.

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