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Live streaming for music makers

Hey guys, how are you? i'm good, June is A very active month for me, with concerts At "ashan hazman", a concert in Agur winery with Avir trio and a jazz gig at Be'er Sheva university coming up, along side my students sixth grade graduation ceremony and having new music out continuously with Pil Basira. I feel truely blessed and it's a great joy to taste the first fruits of my carefully planted seeds.

This past year was a gate to the internet for me, it pushed me to explore and learn the mysterious ways of being a Digital artist and the vast and wide array of opportunity on this wild wild digital country. At first I discovered music production (Studio One 5.2), Web design, social media's infinite powers, and my recent discovery is Live streaming.

Live streaming is a beautiful medium of expression for musicians and artists, it's a great way of keeping in touch with listeners, consistently make quality video content and developing new musicianship skills like live beat making.

My first few streams were rough, but now after 14 successful streams here on site and on Youtube, I can reassure you that it's fun, simple and inspirational.

I stream my process, i talk alittle bit, i play my guitar, drum pads, piano and bass, i make live beats, play ready made beats and sing my songs. I stream every Tuesday at 20:00 +2 GMT from my studio in Tel Aviv.

here is one of my favorite live streams from june 8th:

so how do I do that you ask? I'll give you some tips, so you can start your on stream, just remember me when you become an influencer.

streaming live Beat making on youtube

First of all, you need to have a solid webcam, I am planning to get one soon, but for now i use my canon camera ( with a cannon EOS add on, you just install it and the canon is ready to live stream, get it here from canon's website) and a built in webcam in my laptop.

Light is an important subject, make sure you are seen in a good light, that makes you look good, I use a simple desktop lamp, in a flattering angle.

Second, I use a very nice USB mic called the revelator, made by Presonus, it's advantage is that it comes along with a software called "universal control" that allows you to easily mix and stream multiple sources of sound within your laptop such as your Digital audio workstation, your desktop sound, Zoom conferences and of course, your voice through the mic. here is a demonstration about the Revelator.

Third, after you have your camera and sound groovin' high, IT's time for you to get a streaming software. You may have already heard of OBs, it's great and opensource, it easily works on most computers and systems, and it's easy to operate and use. download it here from the official site. set up your visual sources( camera, software windows, clips and such) ,your audio source (I stream my Itunes, DAw and mic) and stream key - for the network you are interested in streaming to such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok, Linkedin, or your own site.

many social media networks allow you to stream easily and fast with a moble phone or a laptop, you should all try it with a guitar and some songs, it's fun and chakra blowing.

Here I'm telling you about my angle and vision of streaming, with an emphasis on quality sound and making good content that lasts.

This is the reason I decided to upgrade to the Streamlabs OBS software, that allowes you to get your stream running and looking great in a few cliks, with great options of growth like a chat bot, tip collection and simultaneous multistream to facebook, youtube, twitch and more.

If you are interested in using Streamlabs OBS and getting a discount, please look it up through my affiliate link here.

It was a great pleasure telling you about my process, Please write down in the comments bellow what you think about live streaming and please share your methods and tips.

join my next streams here:

or on:

youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Streamlabs

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