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Live on tuesdays

Hey friends, how are you? hope you're all good. this week was an exiting one. a new project was born, many ideas formed to the shape of reality (virtual).

This Tuesday i live streamed my first show here on site. let me tell you, some things seem so simple when i artists i love do them, like lianne la havas famous tiny desk home concert for instance. it looks simple, but quality demands thought, organization, intention and patience.

I was super exited and a bit nervous about this new experience, and didn't know what to expect exactly. I did research for days, about using tools like OBS, revelator microphone, DAW streaming plugin called Reastream by reaper, best light and camera positions.

like in every good story, two hours before the show nothing worked (i anticipate this unexpected bumps on the road, I thrive in this situations), somehow I managed to set some background music while fixing sound issues and website adjustments.

at the moment of truth, 20:00. I started singing and playing my guitar, I was sweaty and nervous, it was virtual, but felt so so real and intimate, my family watching and listening

to every word. wow. the wonder of this era. i played songs from my last two albums on guitar and beats. i had difficulties streaming my DAW with the reastream plugin, so I Played them from Apple music, it's good to have your beat tape released.

going through the first time is great, its the first step towards new found ideas and opportunities across the world. wish me luck, please subscribe and come see my performance next Tuesday here (or watch last weeks performance).

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