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Is Being vegan good for musicians?

Hi, it's Igor. I want to talk to you about a subject that is DEAR to my heart:

Is being vegan good for musicians?

We need the protein to keep the strings vibrating and the drums striking, we need omega 3 so we can harmonize, compose and write. We need good eye sight to read all those sheets and DOCUMENTS.

Can a musician survive on watermelon sugar and tofu?

The answer is: yes. I've been doing it for 9 years, my body and mind are a lean mean music machine. i CAN MAKE A SWEET HIP HOP JAZZ BEAT AND RUN 10 KM, NO PROBLEM. i GET MY IRON FROM GREEN SMOOTHIES AND VEGETABLE SALADS. I LOVE eating, COOKING AND SMOKING GREENS.

Since I decided to go plant based my health had improved and my mind is more clear.

Becoming vegan made me go against every instinct and notion I grew up with, I had to rebel AND OPEN MY MIND AND CHOOSE what IS TRUELY best for me. Deciding to go vegan gave the freedom and courage to go ahead and FULLFIL my dream OF BECOMING A MUSICIAN.

Being weird is always good in the art and entertainment business, and veganism is the best. I even wrote a song about it:

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