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How I Became A Musician

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

A few years ago, not a very long while back, I was sitting in my cubical talking to a friend, drinking coffee and imagining what it feels like to be a real musician. My family loves music and culture but my parents believe that all musicians are lazy drunks and potheads (it's quite true in my case).

Becoming a musician seemed like an impossible mission, so I met some friends (I was an army officer, there is a lot of talent hiding under those uniforms), joined a band, and another band, and another one, very soon I had tons of gigs (since I'm a bass player) and a first recorded song "Ani VeShlomo" (me and Shlomo).

I was gigging like crazy and learning how to drink lots of beer, I became a musician! I quit my job and headed on my life's musical journey. My brother Alon and I recorded the debut album of "Pil BaSira" called "Safta" in one night, Had a nice good by gig with a bunch of tough but hard working rappers from Petah Tikva called K.M.G and went on a 5 month backpacking trip to India - Amazing!

Drinking is an expensive habit so I started teaching music while being a Rockstar at night with my band "Haostri" - We got some nice radio and television air at the time.

Nowadays I roll Solo as Igor - Singer song writer, producer and beat maker. I play acoustic and electronic as well, produce and manage myself.

I have a live beat making show that is wonderful for firing up gala events, and a singer songwriter act with my own original music and lyrics (listen).

Welcome to my music Page, I promise to share memoires, good ideas, art and nice good vibes with you, i'll be always true.

If you need help, looking for A good music act for your event\festival or a fresh production for your hit song, Please contact me. don't be shy.

sincerely yours,

Igor איגור

יגאל מרקוס בקיסריה
Igor oh a Hike, Photo: Tlashworck Senvetu

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