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Going back on stage: Zichron Yaakov

Hey guys, hope you are good. I am still with sweet taste of Saturday's concert in Zichron Yaakov at my friend Ido's place. Nice people, great location, talented musicians beside me and good wine. This is my first solo concert in over a year, and considering today's reality I felt lucky to have this opportunity.

I didn't know what to expect, going out playing music to real humans, what would they feel, how would the sound touch them.

For me, music is everything. Its my job, my therapy, my hobby, my education tool, my connection to people. I live in music, I'm soaked in music, it's like air for me, so i take it for granted.

"Wine song שיר יין", live in zichron Yaakov. filmed by Sarah Epstein.

Culture lovers all over the world are thirsty for events, for live shows. It's a physical thrill, it induces good chemicals into the brain, we need it.

It makes you feel alive and great, it makes you feel connected, warm and safe and understood.

In this video, Me and Alon my brother and music partner play our song "ant from Tel Aviv - נמלה מתל אביב" by Pil Basira. filmed by Sarah Epstein.

The show went well, we played songs specially arranged for a Live trio concert with Nir Ezra on drums and Alon Marcus on guitar. I played on bass and acoustic guitar.

Music works in mysterious ways, the magic had happened, sunset was beautiful.

I'm ready to go on the road, let you have those good sweet brain chemicals,

Check out my events page, maybe next show is around your block or contact me for hosting a concert in your place.

Zichron sunset view

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