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Dor HaBeat

Hello friends, winter is beautiful and exciting, and I am shaking with excitement and cold. long time no see. As you may have heard, the album "Dor Habeat" has been released and is now making its way across the internet straight to your hearts. This album is an album that is all catharsis, it has a wide range of emotions from anger, frustration, passion, euphoria, peace, militancy, love, joy, celebration and admiration.

When I created the album, I used the technique of separating authorities.

I played all the roles in this production, as a writer, composer, producer, publisher, editor, mixer and stage artist.

As a writer I have allowed myself to be open, funny, painful, rude, mundane, materialistic, heavenly and most of all honest and descriptive of emotions without aiming for a specific theme.

As an editor, I looked friendly at my words for the emotion in them and acted with great patience and minimal textual editing.

The inspiration for the writing was drawn from free and associative writing inspired by the Beat Generation - I recommend you read The Dharma bums by jack kerouac and you will understand what I am talking about.

The daily description of the variety of experiences, forward and honest, with the description of the creative experience, what goes through my mind sometimes when I walk on some elegant and polished street.

I have written about very intimate and personal desires and thoughts, I have touched topics that are not easy to talk about like money, love, ganja, inferior feelings, spirituality, and experiences from my travels as a musician and nomad who is simply amazed by the beauties of life.

At this point I got into the role of musician, producer, beatmaker and bassist. I recently started working with clean and beautiful legal samples, I treat them nicely, assession musicians for every purpose.

These samples were probably created in a pretty serious roll of hands over a period of timeby genius and respected music producers around the world. It's wonderful to play bass with samples of the best musicians from around the country and the world. It is inspiring to find that many Israeli musicians are very successful in the field of sampling such as Dan Mayo, Ben Ayalon and Roi Reemi who make fire drums samples. It encouraged me to create my own sample pack which is now available on .

I felt growth and charming insights throughout the creative procces, I felt release from respect and pride, I let the sound to be clean and right and I did not try to intervene and change every small detail. I relied on my sampled session players and conducted them proudly.

in the mix stage I just let go of the ear and let the drums be up front, I tried to lower my voice and treat it as an interesting and exotic instrument. I punctuated every syllable to a note on the scale, this is my method of composition and it is touching to hear such a human instrument and yet synthetically accurate. Anyway, I came to the conclusion that no one wants a saxophone digging in their ear too loud, and so does my singing on this album, it's part of the music. There is space for the music, there is respect for the bass, there is respect for what is happening in the sound.

I found out that I am a compassionate producer and quite good and attentive to myself, and during the writing process I met and met a number of amazing and ingenious artists, some of whom also appear on this album. The songs "Concrete Jungle" and "the alleys wink" were born in one session of 3 hours of work together in the Shtubia studios.

It is wonderful to find new friends at this times in our world. Especially for an introverted guy like me. Thanks for the music. thank you tomer habendam, thank you soma shechtman.

At this point my inner publisher came in and told me "Igor, move your ass and start investing and promoting your music" and so I did, and this cruel publisher sat me down this Saturday morning to write the longest post yet in the history of the blog, and all this to sell some tickets and get on well with the holy algorithm. Blessed are you, the Creator of the Wix. The Redeemer Google God. The Facebook pixel sitting in the cloud.

So the album is running on Facebook, rolling on YouTube, beenig streamed on Spotify and I'm humbled and thankful for every dear and wonderful listener like no one in the entire universe. thank you, my dear listeners.

Now it is time for the stage man, the experienced musician, the acclaimed bar singer, the lyricist, the stroking of the strings, the heart-stirring and the contemplative, to take command and set sail.

This coming Tuesday, January 25, 22 Igor will perform at the Ben Dosa Salon in Jaffa, the show will also be broadcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Thank you for reading and reading, for listening and listening.

See you in the next shows and posts


igal Marcus

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