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Doing a street concert

Good week to you all, middle of summer here n Israel, this is a very shanty time for me, less traffic, less stress, less people, less work. my new single out, I had a wonderful morning routine, i played, I sang a bit, & had an executive meeting with myself (so hard to reach).

This last few days, since i published the singer song writer to do list, I realized I should go out side and play my music on the streets of Tel Aviv. Just me and my guitar and my songs. this post describes my basking experience last few days.

Its been a while since I've basked - played music on the street. I haven't basked for 8 years.

Its so scary to play music outside, I feel so revealed and tender, this shows a sensitive side of me, I'm out there. It's so simple yet daring in a sense that literally everybody can do it, anytime anywhere, no special preparations booking, or college education needed.

You can make some money, get some good gigs, no need to pay to google or Facebook ads.

Last Wednesday, I did a street concert, in Rothchild boulevard, on a bench with my guitar and my songs.

I designed a webpage and printed a custom QR code to this page, and taped it to the bench. If you scan this bar code you'll reach,

Common, don't be shy, scan it.

In this webpage you can buy my music and merch or tip me.

(Nobody scanned my barcode yet, but i'm optimistic).

Playing on rotchild street is wonderfull, i love performing big loud streets, i feel free to sing loud, because no body hears.

Second time i went basking:

Sunday: this is giving me the shivers more than a Rocknroll concert. I went to neve Tzedek, to check this area out, never played there before, it's a classy place and more quiet, where I found a nice shanty spot near "Susan Dallal", I played and sang quietly, from the bottom of my heart. people passing by liked the music and listened for a while.

I plan to do this on a weekly basis, this will be the way for me to develop myself as a performance artist and a musician, as well as to make some connections and sell tickets to my upcoming concerts, as I told you last post, I will be touring this fine young country with my songs this year, and the first concert date is on September 30th in Tel Aviv.


16 good places in tel aviv for street performance and basking:

  1. Rothchild boulevard

  2. Chen boulevard

  3. Ben Zion boulevard

  4. Nordeo boulevard

  5. Cinemateqe square

  6. HaBima square

  7. Dizzingoff square

  8. Bialik Square

  9. Rabin Square

  10. Jaffa port

  11. Tel Aviv Port

  12. Neve Tzedek

  13. Kerem HAteymanim

  14. Arlozerov center Train Station

  15. Sarona market

  16. Old Jaffa

I you got some more great places to suggest, please write them down below in the comments section. Farewell, until next time

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