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A musician & songwriter's to do list

Hello everybody, how are you? Long time no see. Well, I was lost, I forgot why I'm writing here, I was driven by a false motivation of some sort, I was carried away with the question of "how". now I'm attending to the question "why". I'm a creator, all original, not as original as the inventor of the wheel, but still, i'm a creator. My porpoise is to explore, make myself visible and hearable, to express myself. I'm now the master of how to implement the "how" to the "what" to the "why". That sounds easy, but demands a human being to be very very sharp and accurate. It's in the details, every detail has to be cared about, and you can only care about as much as you can see. Every time you go to discover something new, you have more details to care about. Eventually, that means more attention, more efforts to be good and whole, and better quality of art. My art is music, but it's also visual, and it's verbal, and it's financial, and it's political maybe. My art is not for banks and not for lottery commercials, its for my healing and growth, and for your healing and growth, too.

I empower myself, always positive about trying new methods, doing technical stuff, I go by the "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" way. I'm able to make an independent process, all the way through, to achieve my goals, my "why".

I strive to stay interested and Curious, to invent some brand new presence, existence.

My why always changing, like the Pillar of Fire leading before the camp. I continue my journey.

After a long Good and fulfilling period of emptiness, I feel like gigging again. Maybe its the appetite built up with my friends of Avir folk band, maybe its the summer. I want to gig again. Solo, with my guitar. I'm ready to see you again, to share my music with you and to enjoy your presence. your hearts and ears. So I made a 20 songs list to start my practice, two original sets, 40 minutes each. No covers. No playbacks. Lyrics ang guitar, music.

This is my goal, this is my what & how. Why? Fun & Adventure. To create, to interact, to benefit the value of the art.

This is the list:

  1. Make a set list

  2. ‏practice singing daily, not just before gigs

  3. write every day

  4. stay in contact with the universe, do not disapear

  5. imagine the perfect setting, perfect audience, perfect time and place

  6. enjoy every gig, make time for it

  7. ‏be the best you can, stay focused

  8. ‏make an excellent live video, advertise

  9. book shows

  10. ‏get paid

Maybe its all bullshit, maybe its gold,

Lets meet and book Igor's acoustic show.


A new song is comming out on friday, august 13th, it's called Sidhartha and its inspired by Hrman Hesse's book.

Links to pre save / listen:

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