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Hello everybody, glad to have you here on my new website, it is one week old today. The internet, and its ♾️ wisdom, is beautiful, i hope to catch a nice spot of connection and love in your ❤️.

the Past 5 years of my life, were a great adventure, gigging throughout Israel with Pil basira, working nonstop, eating vegan junk food and drinking late night beers, got me feeling overloaded physically and mentally, I took a break. I am happy.

Coronavirus got me on a break from my daily occupations, as a music mentor for youth in Petah Tikva and bass player for Haostri rock band.

I have time, I'm free, i'm happy, i do yoga man, Puff Puff pass, play my guitar, sing my songs, make my website nice and pretty. I don't entertain or teach, i don't have to hug and smile, i don't have to spend money on stupid shit, this is liberating. Thank you internet for letting me know myself better, for giving me the opportunity to find my true destination, to find my path as an artist.

I've spent years asking for a spot, a stage, some studio time, some radio plays, some playlist additions. It's very tough for a musician out there, being so small and shy amongst all this industry sharks looking to prey on lost souls in the promise of fame.

I have my website now, i do not ask for nobody's favor, and i don't gig without proper payment anymore. I'm my own label, producing, releasing and maintaining. still small but growing, i'm beginning to see the light.

in my site you'll find my music, lyrics, a media gallery a biography and this blog.

i plan to livestream concerts, preorder concert tickets and offer my services as a producer. if you got something interesting, contact me :)

Internet offered me a lot, for example it brought me the wisdom of common, genius rap artist that inspires me.

What will i do with my life? Only i decide, and i want to give back to the universe for the abundance of love, joy, happiness and freedom i experience this last few months, being home, being safe and exploring the internet music world.

in summary, first week online was a true life changing experience for me. i can say that my connection to the world was successful, thanks to wix. i have hope, i love you all wherever you are, be safe and wise. get in touch, see you soon.

Listen to my music.


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