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Am I A Music Producer?

Hi everyone, hope you're doing fine, this rainy morning got me up real early full of ideas and inspiration.

studio is becoming real nice, its clean and tidy now, with a nice set of Presonus ERIS 4.5" monitors and a ERIS 8" subwoofer, with more acoustic improvements to come. nowadays I offer production sessions and music lessons via this site anywhere in the world wide web as well as to Local israeli students.

this post is about the realization and becoming as a music producer, it's about an important self realization, about taking responsibility and being truly free and independent. i strive to be a good producer myself,for myself and others. to be both business smart and authentic. being a self produced artist means, having endless studio time, which is every music creator's dream (although less fun,editing part is just as important).

So, Am I a music producer? and what's a producer's job anyway?

A couple of months ago, I started wondering, what will I do with my life, I figured that I love being a musician, and I want to be independent. As I grow older and wiser, my understanding of music and grown up finance becomes clear. I can see through the whole process of music being made, from some words on a piece of paper to a hit record on Spotify. This got me wondering, maybe I'm a producer, maybe I should produce my own music and work with other artists.

i even calculated and found out that i need 1 million streams per month to get a decent salary (about 2 - 3k $). well, that's possible when you make real good shit and real smart marketing. i need to get ty dolla $ign level good.

to be a producer means, to work this business, to get paid respectfully, to be a business smart.

ofcourse, music production is much more than streams. being a producer means to have a flexible, durable, creative and productive mindset. being productive means planning and progressing towards a desired destination: a Track, An Album or even a Beat collection for a future project for instance (yes, i'm impling my near future business plans).

musicians and artists have a constant flow of creativity and ideas, a good producer takes those raw beautiful and tasty creativity and makes it a product. a producer knows how to put your art in the right perspective, to make your heartfelt letter to grandma a 3.14 minute long track with a fat low end and a glimpse of drive radio ready material. a producer plans and executes all steps of the music making process with rigorous attention to all details and constant quality control.

A producer gets your song made, on specific time, schedule, budget and technology.

nowadays, thanks to technology and the world wide web, production tools are easy to access and affordable to purchase. if you want to be a cutting edge producer, you need to be a visionary, to have a goal, a destination, a good neatly planned workflow and business strategy.

like any other industry or profession, to be successful means to be productive to society and profitable. a good producer will make the best music possible within his projects boundaries, budget, and manpower. a good producer is efficient in resources for himself and for his colleagues. A good producer is a good musician with vast musical knowledge of style, rhythm and culture, years of experience in studio and on the road making music working with artists. a good producer will make the most out of both today's technology and the true human natural sound.

believe it or not, i am just starting to realize i'm a producer, after making hundereds of records and shows throughout the years. it's fun, exiting and mind expanding.

throughout the years, i've met, worked and collaborated with a variety of producers, who have inspired me and shared knowledge with me generously, this is how i learned this magical craft. all good producers have one thing in common, they are good listeners.a good producer is a great listener of music and has a good understanding of people.

i would love to help you and further pass my knowledge, so if you need help or guidance contact me.

please comment, subscribe and share.

thanks for reading.

Igor איגור

Photography: Tlashworck senvetu

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