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A new beginning

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

hello my dear friends, I'm so excited to post this first chapter of my music journal, describing my music journey. I'm Igal Marcus, also known as Igor איגור. Born in Kishinev Ussr in 1988 and raised in Lod, Israel. These days I live in Tel Aviv With my woman Tlashworck and LOLA, our "dogter". I'm an artist, A musician. I play bass, write poetry, compose and produce music, and for a living, I perform, Teach and work with artists on their music.

in this photo: Igor איגור (Igal Marcus) before a gig at south Israel

my wish to become a writer became true, and I promised myself this, to make a post every week, this post will be personal although I'm gonna tell you here all about my music plans and future and current concerts and gigs, I'm gonna bombard you with information about my music and my other projects such as my eco-friendly hippie online t-shirt shop. You'll stay up to date, don't worry, but my real purpose as always is to find my voice to express my emotions and to share my experience with you. I'm also interested in you, my dear readers and like-minded people, I'll be delighted to read a comment from you and I promise to do my best to answer if needed.

This is a Video of me Jamming:

I do This live every Tuesday aT 20:00, Jerusalem time, I have been making these live music sessions for 70 weeks now and it has taught me a lot about life, art, patience, persistence, and music. it is aired on my youtube, Facebook and twitch accounts.

This week is "Rosh Hashanah" And it's one of my favorite times of the year, I'm a fall kind of a guy, I guess.

ok, it is enough about me. please leave a comment about yourself, you are welcome to share your thoughts, your emotions, and your art.

Have a good Jewish year.

P.s I'll keep you up to date about my next gig at "Hoodna Bar" TLV on the 29th of October.

Good Bye

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