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5 Questions about creation

Hey guys, how are you? these hot spring days are full off excitement and renovation, making new live sets and working on new music. Last week i Travelled our fine young country, visiting adamit, in north of Israel, to finish a Record with my partner and brother from "Pil Basira" (a new single is on it's way this may, follow on Spotify), and playing World renaissance music with Avir Trio at Agur winery near Beit Shemesh.

Masks are off, stage lights on, and this is the perfect timing to share with you an interview with Igor made by Noam Nayshool from "BeNoam" music blog.

Blog Editor: Noam Nayshool

Me and the Muse - Episode 28: Igor איגור

1. What is the strongest emotion that makes you write a song?

The wonder and simplicity and beauty of creation, the work fills me with joy and a desire to write, record, play and perform.

2. Is there a word / sound that triggers the creation?

My strongest trigger for creation is inspiration from music. I love and hear the reflected figure of musicians from their art, it mesmerizes me.

I would say that the word that most faithfully describes the trigger for creation is: "Music".

3. What else have you not written about and would like to?

I really like songs of a kind that are full of wisdom and consciousness, like Damien Marley's latest songs from his album stony hill . I strive to create music that really touches me and shapes my perspective on reality. I Strive to reach this Level of pure inspirational writing.

4. Is there a particular entity / character you are targeting when you sing?

‏Behind every song there is a story, behind every sentence there is an intention, every word uttered from my mouth is directed to a person from my life, sometimes to several


5. What spiritual / physical place would you like to reach / bring your work to?

I wish to create more beautiful jazzy and groovy music, to perform all over the country, Play my latest album "BaDigital". I wish for a good livelihood, to meet good people and play nice gigs on festivals, stages and parties.

Photography - Tlashworck Senvetu

"Benoam" Logo design - Keren-Shemesh Cohen.

Watch me live this evening at 20:00 (+2 GMT)

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