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KULAM - TLASHWORCK IGOR single art - butterflies flying over the hebrew word kulam

Kulam - IGor & tlashworck

Single has been sent to radio

It seems like lockdown is over for now and live music is going back to life. igor's song featuring Tlashworck Senvetu on vocals and media. this song is inspired by some of my jazz heroes such as jobim and roy ayers. this funky bossa nova rhythm describes this deep emotion i felt last spring in Tel aviv, the rat race has suddenly stopped, and i felt free as a 70's hippie.

thanks to alon marcus and my family for the love and support.

rsvp your ticket to one of february's show in zichron ya'akov here

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חי את התנועה

watch the New Lyrics video of song "Hay et Ha'Tnua חי את התנועה"

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