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About Igor איגור


Igor (Igal Marcus) was born November 18, 1988, in former USSR, in a city called Kishiniev (today it is the capital of Moldova), grew up in Lod, Israel to a musical family (Mother Rashel -  a pianist, father Vladimir - a singer song writer and brother Alon - a multitalented producer, guitarist and composer with whom I have the honor to play in the project "Pil Basira").During childhood and adolescence I played The bass clarinet and bass guitar in local youth bands, making my first steps as a song writer and producer. whilst soaking up meaningful musical influence from home - classical, jazz, soul, rock and blues. At age 18 I went to study chemical engineering at the Israeli tech institute "The Technion" in the city of Haifa, At this point I started playing double bass and doing jazz gigs with my musician friends and started to find real meaning in my life through music. In this period, I wrote my few first songs and fell in love with a quite few Haifa city girls. At age 22 I was drafted to the IDF (Israeli army) to be an officer. Luckily it meant living in Tel Aviv and joining my first real rock band "Haostri", with whom I played bass, recorded two albums and toured for eight years (from 2012 to corona time 2020). After my early release from my military contract  (I did not belong there and felt I need to focus on my music), I went on a backpacking trip to India, wrote and recorded some music and had the time of my life. After coming back I released my debuted album "Haigor" (2015) that was recorded with my dear friends in Jaffa and in India - a couple of songs from this album got aired in Israeli national radio station 88 fm and we got some nice gigs. At that time me and my brother Alon just finished working on our debuted album as Pil Basira - titled "Safta"(2016). Last few years were a bit crazy, I recorded an obsessive amount of music while teaching and working around the clock, these days i focused on well being and my family with my partner Tlashwork (A talented artist herself) and Lola, my dog. Luckily, this new focus of mine just made me a lot more productive. 

The best is yet to come, 

Sincerely yours,


Music Carrier

Artists, Bands and projects i've worked with

  • Hostri (2012- 2020) band member, bass player

  • Pil BaSira - since 2015, band member, bass player, singer song writer

  • Alon Marcus - producer

  • Tlashwork Senvetu - producer of E.p Boi

  • Omri Vitis & the holly band - (2013 - 2014) BAss player

  • Ohad Katz (2012 - 2015) - bass player

  • Liron Zangi, Alon marcus & Yotam Barak (2016) - jazz quartet bass player

  • Haigor - (2012 -2015)  Band leader

  • Inbar Koprak (2014 -2016) - Bass player

  • Illay Chester (2014 - 2020) Bass Player

  • Oded Gadir - 2016 bass player

  • Lucy Dubinchik- (2018 -2020) leonard cohen tribute bass player

  • Amir Ve'Ben (2015) bass recording

  • Yuval Goren (2015)- bass player

  • Yehudit Asras (2020) producer

  • Uriya Bartal - Bass player, single producer

  • Gilad Bloom (2012 - 2016) - BAss player

  • Kna'an music group (2015) - bass player, producer